Januray 15 2023

"Bang Your Head for Satan" will be the title of the upcoming album! 

 Here is a promo video from the s/t track!

June 22 2022

Recordings are done. New album will be released around April of 2023 once again through Undercover / Evil Spell Records! 
Stay tuned for more news!

October 18 2021

Slaughtered Priest have entered the studio for the recordings of the 6th full length!

November 12 2019

Off to Volos we go!!! On December 14th along with Death Courier and Obscene Evisceration!

October 9 2019

Slaughtered Priest are going to the island of Crete for a gig in Stoa 60, at Heraklion city on October the 20th! Along with Embrace of Thorns!   

September 13 2019

Metal Throne Productions has just released

Iron Chains and Metal Blades

on tape!

Limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies!

June 26 2019

Join us for a (mid)night to remember!!!

Coming August Slaughtered Priest shall proudly support MIDNIGHT for their very first live in Greece!!!
Along with Rapture and Human Slaughter we are bringing hell to Thessaloniki on August 21st at Eightball club! 
Under the banner of Hell's Fire Records!

February 8 2019

Slaughtered Priest shall proudly support Mortuary Drape on their gig in Athens, Greece!
On Saturday the 16th of February at Temple Live Club!

April 17 2018

Thrashing Devastation 2018
Greek mini tour....with...
and special guests in each city...
Thessaloniki - Vicious Knights (damage: 5 euro including beer!!!)
Trikala - Oletir (damage: 8 euro)
Athens - Spit The Blood (damage: 6 euro)

April 16 2018

Old School Terror from Hell....Vol 1 & 2
Special edition compilation tapes , released through Ungod's
Metal Throne Productions!
Limited in 50 hand-numbered copies!!!

December 10 2018

First live show in Germany announced!
Oberhausen, Helvete!
 Unholy Metal Mayhem fest...

November 8 2017

Upcoming live date...
On December the 8th of this year, Slaughtered Priest shall proudly take part on the first edition of  "Into the Battle festival"  in Athens!
check it out...
( link on the image )


March 20 2017

Slaughtered Priest live at Strike of the Beast Fest 2! In April the 29th 2017 at Rethymno city in the island of Crete, Greece! 


Slaughtered Priest shall proudly be a part of this year's Extreme Metal Attack festival in Lisboa, Portugal! In March 18th 2017!


December 12 2016

Iron Chains and Metal Blades vinyl is out through Evil Spell Records!
Check it out, play it Loud!!!
Buy form here...

October 18 2016

Out Now!!!
Iron Chains and Metal Blades
CD and T-shirt Released through Evil Spell Records!
Vinyl format coming soon...

August 2 2016 

Listen to our new, unreleased track....
taken from "Iron Chains and Metal Blades"...
new album coming out by the end of this month through
Evil Spell records!

July 9 2016

Out now!!!
New 7"  Split LP with Obsecration. Co-release through
Meal Throne Productions and
 Hell's Fire Records.
Limited in 300 hand-numbered copies!

June 9 2016

Upcoming live in Athens, supporting Deströyer 666
along with Skull Koraptor.

April 7 2016
Hell's Fire Records in co-operation with Screaming Victims Distro
has released a 4 way split 7" vinyl with Slaughtered Priest
and three other bands from Greece! Check it out in discography section!

March 24 2016
Construction finished!
site updated.

December 15 2015
Site updated.

November 18 2015
New album coming up from Evil Spell records !!!
In early 2016....

October 5 2015

Upcoming live date.

Slaughtered Priest are supporting the Legendary Thrash/Punk/Hardcore band Ολέθριο Ρήγμα (Olethrio Rigma) celebrating their 25 years anniversary!!!In Athens next Saturday 10th of October! 

March 3 2015
Photos from the gig in Romania were added to the photo section!
All photos were taken by Soile Siitrola!

February 25 2015
After a long rest Slaughtered Priest are entering the studio for the recordings of some new stuff...
Stay tuned....more will come!

September 10 2014
Live at Rainbow club, Gazi Athens, in Sunday 14/09/2014 !

June 13 2014
Slaughtered Priest are proud to be a part of the up-coming RTM Festival in Romania!!!

April 1 2014

Live dates :

May 3 : Remedy rock bar & cafe, with Olethrio Rigma and El Chupacabra, at New Irakleio.

May 16 : Live with Sad / Kawir / Twillight / Empathie at Technological Institute of Kavala.

March 16 2014

Live at Remedy club on 29 of March is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Sorry for any inconvenience.

March 2 2014

next gig...on March 29 at Remedy Rock bar & cafe at N. Irakleio (city in Athens) with Olethrio Rigma and El Chupacabra!

January 18 2014

up-coming gig in Athens on February 22 at Lesxi Ypogios, Kallidromiou 94.
up-coming split 7" of Slaughtered Priest with Revenge (Col.) shall be released through Metal Throne Productions by the end of February 2014!

December 24 2013
Slaughtered Priest shall proudly be a part of an amazing tribute to the German maniacs Desaster! Taking at hands "Metalized Blood" from their album "Hellfire's Dominion" !!!

December 3 2013
Upcoming gig! Slaughtered Priest will play live in Athens on December 8 2013 at  Gagarin205 live music space, supporting Rotting Christ!

September 24 2013
New photos added in the photo section! 

May 8 2013
Site updated! Lyrics for "Confess Your Sins" and "Two Rusty Nails In His Flesh" added.

April 16 2013
Fallen Angels productions has released a box set with six tapes of Slaughtered Priest along with stickers!

April 5 2013
Upcoming gigs:
Slaughtered Priest are going back in Trikala for a gig in April 7th supporting Rotting Christ,at Κεντρική Πλατεία, μουσική σκηνή (Kentriki Platia, music stage) .Also, in April 12th Slaughtered Priest are supporting Deathhammer in Athens at 7sins club.

December 1 2012
Upcoming live of Slaughtered Priest.....
In 26 January of 2013 supporting Necromantheon and Audiopain!!! Hellish Nekro Thrash and Audio Torture in Athens at An club!

October 20 2012
New Slaughtered Priest t-shirt....Printed by Metal Throne Productions ! Confess Your Sins has been re-released in tape format through Ungod's Toxicdose Productions  in 50 hand numbered copies !

July 23 2012
Time to...Confess Your Sins...!
Fourth Slaughtered Priest album released on CD through Floga records! Also, coming on LP in September through Floga records in co-operation with Hell's Fire records, printed in two different colours !!!

June 13 2012
Metal Throne Productions has released Serpent's Nekrowhores on tape in 50 hand numbered copies!

June 10 2012
New album....Confess Your Sins...coming soon from Floga records!

June 9 2012
New photos added in photo area!

June 8 2012
Website updated
More news and photos in the next days...stay "tuned"...
Site updated, all previous news were lost in the update mess and we had to add a little "story" of what was lost beneath.....
so, here is the story so far...

Slaughtered Priest were formed in 2007...
Debut album, Eternal Goat Reign, was released in 2008 through Cryptia Productions on CD and on LP in 2011 through Obscure Abhorrence Productions...
Second album, World Wide War, was released in 2009 through Time Before Time Records on CD and on tape in 2010 through Wulfrune Worxxxx...
In 2010 Fistbang Records released a split 7" of Slaughtered Priest with Ruins...
Third album, Serpent' s Necrowhores, was released in 2011 through Satanic Records on CD in two formats, one regular CD and one DVD case format along with a Patch. Satanic Records has also printed T-shirts of Serpent's Necrowhores.
In October 5 of 2008 Slaughtered Priest performed their first gig supporting Archgoat in Athens at Underworld club...
Second gig was in 2010 supporting Proclamation and Blasphemophagher in March 20 0f 2010 at Sin City club...
In September 23 of 2011 Slaughtered Priest played live in Thessaloniki at Eightball club supporting Aura Noir...
In October 10 of 2011 S.P. played live in Athens at An club supporting Gehenna..
In February 5 of 2012 S.P. supported Ολέθριο Ρήγμα ( Olethrio Rigma ) at An club in Athens...
Slaughtered Priest's last gig was in April 7 of 2012 in Trikala at Κεντρική Πλατεία, Μουσική Σκηνή ( kentriki platia, music stage ) with Riffobia and Spider Kickers...
More gigs shall come....stay tuned....


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