Two Rusty Nails In His Flesh

Split 7'' vinyl with Necrochakal
released in 2010 through
Fistbang records
Hell'sFire Records
Limited in 300 copies!


Side A
Slaughtered Priest
1. Beat The Disco Poser

Side B
2. Baptised In Excruciating Lashes

Slaughtered Priest Lyrics

Beat The Disco Poser

Beat the disco poser

Come get a little closer

Throw him on the wall

Break the disco ball

Snap his nose smash his toes

Shred his clothes violator of the pose

Beat the disco faggots all around

Stand up to be proud break their sound

Beat the disco posers to the ground

Stand up and fight is the metal united

Destroy their fucking place

End this stupid space

Disco poser slayer

Dance base destroyer

Beat the disco poser

Throw him to the disposer

Metal above all

Once and for all.

Info :

All music in this split was written by Ungod.

Bass and additional vocals in Slaughtered Priest by Ghoul.

Guitars, vocals and drums by Ungod.

Lyrics in Slaughtered Priest by Evi T.

Drums in Necrochakal by Maelstrom.

Lyrics and Vocals in Necrochakal by Bestial Invocator.

Cover artwork and design by Ungod.

site builder : Evi T.