Confess Your Sins

CD and LP Cover
released in 2012 
released on CD format in 2012 through Floga records
on two different colour LP through Floga records in co-operation through Hell's Fire records!

Tape format
released in 2012
through Toxicdose Productions...
Tracks :

1. Speed Metal Attack
2. Confess Your Sins
3. Order To Kill
4. Malicious Perversion
5. Nocturnal Occult Ceremony
6. Thrash The Witch
7. Bloodthirsty Pentagram Bitch
8. Demonic Terror

Music By Slaughtered Priest.

Lyrics by Evi T.


1. Speed Metal Attack

Speed metal attack

Thrash until you crack

Take what you need

Scream till you bleed.

Speed metal assault

Thrash at full speed

Get out and revolt

Forget your filthy creed.

Metal thrash black

Gods of disgust

Never look back

Kill those you trust.

Time to rebel

Get out of your cell

Speed metal attack

Humanity's plague.

Speed metal attack

Lusty whores awaits

Fuck them real hard

Throw them in flames.

Speed metal assault

Rise from your grave

Feel the veins volt

Wait the evil reign.

Metal thrash black

Headbanging never stop

Tied with a chain

And enjoying the pain.

Spread the metal virus

Wake up the insane

Sharpen up your razors

Burning out your brain.

Thrashing all around

Feel the metal sound

Circle with the crowd

Falling in the ground.

Get your bullet belt

Put on your iron spikes

Screaming in the night

Take the final fight.

Thrash until you crack

Speed metal attack...

2. Confess Your Sins

Where is your god?

Where is your sanity?

Where is your land?

Fucked up humanity.

Confess your sins

Hear your voice

Fulfil your dreams

Make it your choice.


The harmful radiation of the sun


This influence of insanity


Perform your malevolent spell


Your so called sins.

Murdered wise men

Crushed humanity

Cursed mankind

Fade in stupidity.

Confess your sins

Savage beast

Unleash the winds

Begin the feast...

3. Order To Kill

Toxic lies

False advise

Life that ties

Pay the prize.

Go deep

Fall asleep

Worthless sheep

Fall and creep.

Darkest skies

War arise

Bleeding eyes

Children cries.

Final breath

Smelling death

Born a slave

From womb to grave.

Kill the light

Smash and sodomize

Order to kill.

Come near

Feel my spear

Have no fear

Share no tear.

Brake your chain

Endless pain

King dethroned

Die alone...

4. Malicious Perversion

Perverted priests

Slaves of dominion

Worship the abnormal carpenter.
Bend your head and not pull a sound.

I fed my soul with disgust for you.
I am no christian nor I will ever be.
You offend me by calling me one.

My brain has not fallen into lethargy.
My perception has not fallen into oblivion.

I am no offspring of your non-existent god

I detest him and I deny his existence.

 I am sick of your dirty book.
I'm not a slave to anyone.
Stop guiding me.

You do not worth anything
you can not initiate me in your stinking denomination.

You are nothing.
Born and die slept.

Live like sheep's.

Wretched and miserable.

Allow them to rape your mind.

Follow their path.

Obey their laws.

Fuck off and leave me alone...

5.Nocturnal Occult ceremony

Slaughtered spirits

In endless abyss

Burned temples

With christian lies.

Sinister calling

Death's crawling

Vicious thoughts

Christian laws.

With the powers of earth

Capture the saints

With the powers of water

Sunk their believers

With the powers of fire

Burn their religion

With the powers of wind

Spread the priests dust

By the powers of all elements

Crash christianity in pieces.

Sacrifice your holy father

Burn his ashes

Spirits gather.

Nocturnal occult ceremony...

6. Thrash The Witch
Thrash the fucking witch

Horny bitch

Endless night

Unholy witch

Fuck the light.

Cast the wicked spells

Thrash around

The circle bound

Nuns are falling

On the ground.

Thrash the fucking witch

Sacred piss

For purest bliss

Wormy kiss

God dismiss.

Cast the wicked spells

Rotten porn

In the dark

Your rules I scorn

Suck my cock.

Septic dreams

Beauty sins

Virus winds

Twisted cult

Playing hard

Thrash the witch.

Devilish storm

I call you forth

In fury and despair

In pain and damnation.

Strangle them

Noble cunts.

Foolish thoughts

Haunted words

Skeleton noises

Mysterious voices.

In silent woods

And darkest nights

This spell I cast

And make it last.

Thunder storms

Nightfall works...

7. Blood Thirsty Pentagram Bitch
Blood thirsty

Pentagram bitch

Her painful feelings

Unworthy dealings.

Enjoy a bloody meal

Don't ever live in fear

Relieve a hidden scorn

From death I am reborn.

Abhorrence and damnation

Sexual frustration

Abnormal devastation

Blood initiation.

Blood thirsty

Pentagram bitch

Fucked with a horn

Blood thirsty porn...

8. Demonic Terror

Awaken the fallen

Fear and agony
Darkest war men
Occult ceremony.

Demonic terror
Children are slain
Pain and horror
Christians enslaved.

Black sun is rising
Hear the horn
Clouds are bleeding
Demons are born.

Churches exploding
Feeding my hate
Christians are falling
That is your fate.

Demonic terror
Satanic tribes
Pain and horror
Undead rise.

Demons arise

Altar divine

Lord of lies

Blessed sacrifice...


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