Eternal Goat Reign

demo cover

released in 2007 through

Metal Throne Productions

for promotional reasons

in 50 hand-numbered copies

contains one track
"Eternal Goat Reign"

CD cover

full length album

released in 2008 through
Cryptia Productions

LP Cover

re-released in January 2011 through

Obscure Abhorrence Productions

limited in 110 copies!

Tape cover

Re-released  through Old Skull Records.

Includes 2 Bonus tracks taken from

 "No Gods No Masters" demo.

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies

tracks :

1. Bestial Nun Sluts ( instrumental)

2. Eternal Goat Reign

3. Disgraceful christians

4. Antihumanity

5. I'll Keep Burning Your Cross

6. Your Temple

7. Goat Hammer

8. Infernal Tears of Little Jesus (instrumental)


2. Eternal Goat Reign

Born from lies
Unworthy christian god
Your kingdom bleeds
your slaves have died.

Upon great mountain
I can see his throne
Beasts have gathered
In front the unholy lord.

The christian god is rotten
Evil one now rules
Christ's body is eaten by wolves
His priests are screaming out of fear.

Your cross is bleeding
All bible books are burned
The evil one has risen

And fucked all your nuns.

The time has come
For eternal goat reign.

Cursed for always
To eternal suffer
Fucked up humanity
All christians are dead.

The time has come
For eternal goat reign.

Upon his throne
Satan stands in pride
Watching all your churches
Burn in black flames.

The time has come
For eternal goat reign.

Goat Reign...

3. Disgracefull Christians

Black clouds filled the air
The lightnings stroke like bloody whips
The wind sounds possessed to my ears.

Death maledictions with drizzle rain
Massacred all man kind
Left none alive
It's bloody flood.

Only the wolves
With wisdom given by nature
Left unhurt
Hidden in their lairs.

Now safe brought out again
Kings of a world they always owned
Spreading their hate for the
Disgraceful christians...

04. Antihumanity

Eating the flesh of your god
Drinking the blood of your christ
Vomiting your whore Mary
Fucking her into your church.

Hail Satan

Bloody priests
Feel my fury
Rot and burn
upon your altars.

Disgusting Creatures
All christians must die
Your kingdom failed
With your pathetic illusion.

Worthless beings
Soulless Bodies
Brainless humanity
Your time has come to suffer...

5. I'll Keep Burning Your Cross

Standing in my cave
Waiting for sun to fall
Getting my torches ready
Time has come to burn their idols.

Your stupid crosses
Fallen down
Burned by my hand
Ending for ever
Their inexistent power..

6.Your Temple

Build upon your frantic lives
Your fossil ministers laughs and lies
Worshipping their idle tale
Your hopes for a heaven seems to fail.

Let them to feign being saintly
Acting like hawbucks priests
Drinking their wormy sanctification
Believing it's godliness.

I've come to demolish
Your greedy temples
Burn their filthy
Books of obscenity.

Ending your insanity
To slay your merciful god
His name disgraceful
Even to mention...

7.Goat Hammer

Darkness covered the earth
christians exist no longer
Upon his throne
Satan stands and smiles.

There lays
Before him
The corpse
Of your god.

Now ravens are eating
christs wormy flesh
His head is cut in pieces
By great lords
Goat Hammer...

Info :

Logo and artwork by Ungod.
All lyrics by Evi T.
Tracks 1-3-5 are written by Ungod
Tracks 2-4-6 by Ghoul

site builder : Evi T.