Iron Chains and Metal Blades

CD cover
Evil Spell Records, 2016

Tape cover
Metal Throne Productions, 2019

LP cover, red splatter
Evil Spell Records, 2016

LP cover, black vinyl
Evil Spell Records, 2016

CD and LP format
released in 2016 through Evil Spell Records

CD format released in August 2016, vinyl format released in December 2016
in two colors!

Tape format 
released in September 2019 through Metal Throne Productions 
in 50 hand-numbered copies! 

Tracks :

1. Tyrant´s Legions
2. Metallic Hellpatrol
3. Hyperspeed Headbanging
4. Heavy Metal Chains
5. Menace
6. Leather and Blood
7. Old school Metal Forces
8. Powermaniac

Music by Ungod
Lyrics by Evi T.
Tyrant's Legions guest "voice" by Nadir (Sad, Kvele)



1. Tyrant's Legions

Now that the moon is bright

I stand before my altar

Light up the sky tonight

Inside my magick circle

Here at my sacred place

Where evil spirits I embrace

Chanting my malevolent spell

My way to open the gates of hell.

Ancient beasts are gathering

Waiting for their savage lord to come

Now I hit my fleshmade drum


Hellgates are shivering...

2. Metallic Hellpatrol

True metalheads are gathering tonight

Looking for a trouble in the the streets

United they are preparing for the fight.

With Satan on their side to please their needs

Out from the shadows coming back

Like armies form abyssic hell they rise

Burning false believers in the dark

Cut their flesh, ripping out their eyes.

Armed with fury strength and spikes

Making a mess this scary night

Killing the prophet of the lies

Rising and bringing the demise

Dropping down the posers on the void

Pissing them form above with toxic rain

In a bloodshed they are now destroyed

Torture them, choking them again and again

Metallic hellpatrol

Looking the faggots pretend to be underground

Keeping the true metal sound

Clearing out the fucking filthy world

Metallic hellpatrol

Come and join our cause, we are in control

Spitting your face screaming loud

Get on your knees and taste my sword

We are avengers on the loose

Come with us you have to choose

If you don't then get the fuck away

Your stupidity drives me insane...

3. Hyperspeed Headbanging

Back from the dead

Where is my head

I look in my grave

It feels big like a cave

Grasping some rocks

Searching the ground

Looking around

Was it taken by dogs?

I gave a fight

And lost from sight

Beware of the dogs.

I had some luck

And took it back


Get up your ass

Come to my zone

Here in the dark

In the kingdom of souls.

Black magick art

Has brought me back

You thought I was dead

Dogs took my head.

And now

Don't be afraid of the night

Come here

Don't follow the light

Enter my graveyard tonight

It's my mystery site.

Come on

Shadows have always been lying

Everyone here is undying

Placed and gathered in line

In a hyperspeed headbang.

Our gang from hell

Back from the depths

My hunger quell

Spinning our heads

Into our nest

We never rest

Our metal desire

Burning like fire.

We gave a fight

And lost from sight

Beware of the dogs.

We had some luck

And took it back


4. Heavy Metal Chains

Day and night

Kept out of sight

Brake the cage.

Fighting tonight

Antichristian right

Running in rage.

Having no fear

Vengeance in near

Twisted and armed

Prayers are harmed

Laugh when they cry.

Price is paid

In this nights raid

Madmen's aggression

Unholy invasion

It's time to die.

Death in the air

Run if you dare

Madness runs in your veins.

My iron blade

Never betrayed

Heavy metal chains.

Scared on my fist

Necrosign the mark of the beast

Heavy metal chains...


5. Menace

Spikes and razors

Are chained around my throat

Cut my flesh deep underneath

And rip my soul

Feeling them deeper inside

Draining my blood

Pain is incredible high

Dragged through the mud.

Threatening danger to come

Never I thought

Shadows of death on the sky

Old murdered souls

Nocturnal attack through the storm

Crashing my bones

Sacrificial ropes of steel

In terror I choke.


An eye for an eye

Scream till I die


Melting in fire tonight.

Crawl to my abysmal grave

Convicted possessed and enslaved

Falling and crashing my skull

Slowly my senses get dulled

Grim tormented discomfort

Ripping eternal destruction

Try to escape my damnation

There is no way out...

6. Leather and Blood

When the sky turns black

And you offer the blood

Once you enter the gate

Let the slavery start

And I open your heart

Now it's time to feel the pain.

First I'll take your scalp

And I rip out your gut

Can you feel the strength of the void?

Taste the steel of my blade

Now your senses will fade

I assure you I'm not paranoid.

Leather and Blood

In the face of your god.

Now I'm back from the mist

Have my demons unleashed

You are now a part of my game

In the name of the beast

You will die by my fist

With your blood I will sign my name.

I don't care if you weep

For my cause you will bleed

In my cave of Leather and Blood

You will not be the first

That is feeling my thirst

On the days that I play God.

Leather and Blood

In the face of your god

Once you offered your blood

When you entered the gate

You will have to follow my rules

There is no turning back

I revealed you your fate

When I'm done you'll be fed to my wolves.

Leather and Blood

In the face of your god

Prey in the dark

My sinful command

I'm not possessed

I just like to destroy

In my bloody nest

You'll be my toy.

Leather and Blood

Buried in mud

Your shitty god

Dead by my hand

Having a feast

Fucking your priest

I'm a speed metal freak

In the name of the beast.

First I'll take your scalp

And I rip out your gut

Can you feel the strength of the void?

Taste the steel of my blade

Now your senses will fade

I assure you I'm not paranoid...

7. Old school Metal Forces

Venom and Rust

Running in my veins

Sodom was made by Iron chains

Running Wild and free

In the streets of Destruction

Tormentor of souls

Nothing remains.

Whiplash on your back

Mayhem on mankind

Like Bathory soaking in blood

Cut by Razor blades

Possessed by Evil Spell

Cursed when touched by glory's hand.

Artillery awaits

Slaughter the gods

Massacre all religion scums

Onslaught believers

Riot in hell

Satan on his Darkthrone stands.

Slayer of nuns

Overkill of lambs

Whisper my inner darkest Craft

Human Sacrifice

Tyrant from the skies

Bewitched my Maiden's Iron wrath.


Old and proud

Metal invaders strikes back


Screaming loud

Old School Metal Forces from the dark.

Death prevails

Creator of Hades

Come to celebrate the Sabbat night

Merciful Fate

Devastation and hate

Suffering infernal by the light...

8. Powermaniac

Hold the plug

Looking for the socket

Check the sound

Turn it fucking loud

Disturbing the peace

My head will break

I feel the power crushing my veins.

Got it in my blood

I feel the burning shiver

The fire in my heart

Can melt a cold steel silver

My hate for everything fake

Has grown now bigger and bigger

Your life is a mistake

I'll keep on fighting till you bleed.

Cold metallic sparks

Hack your brain in pieces

Falling on my hands

Ending your existence.

Your endless pain

My celebration of hate

Makes me insane

I'm the destructor of fate

Breaking your trust

Unleashing venomous gust

Turn you to dust

You now belong to the past...


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