Serpent's Nekrowhores

CD Cover
released in 2011
Satanic Records
in limited 1000 copies!

Tape cover
released in 2012
Metal Throne Productions
50 hand numbered copies!

Tracks :

1.Venomous Black Thrashers

2.Hellthrashing demon

3.Serpent's Nekrowhores

4.Vomiting Your Inner Self

5.Christian Toxik Death

6.Angel Slayers From Above

Music By Slaughtered Priest.

Lyrics by Evi T.

1. Venomous Black Thrashers

Filthy old cunt

Smelly dirty bitch

Gods eternal dump

Flames infernal reach

Eyes cannot see

The darkness that unfolds

Ears cannot hear

The screaming virgin whores.

In a shadow of dust

By the powers of lust

This is the return of the Black Thrashers.

In the shadow of dead

In beginning of the end

Beasts conquer churches

Priests worship bitches

Slaughterer awaits

Black melting candles

Creating liquid circles

Read the book of blood.

Unleash your buried powers

Enter the burning towers

Release the beast prisoned

Kill the nuns poisoned...

2. Hellthrashing Demon
Haunted by curses

Born in a cage

Raised with rage

Feed with leeches.

Wicket creature

Heartless being

Impious fiction

Grievous preacher.

Forged conspiracy

Unpure proclamation

Flock brutality

Bestial profanation.

Lurking in shadows

Occult bestiality

Imprisoned reality

Prophet of illusion.

In The Chapel Of Horns

Hear Your Naughty Thoughts

Cut In Pieces Wicked Delight

Burn With Fiendish Away From Light

Sarcastic Oppressor

Tormented Creation

Lords Prayer Deceased Lunatic

Perform His Ritual In His Delirium

Cast Down Throwing Away

Intrusive Desires

Devilish Thrives...

3. Serpent's Nekrowhores
Slaughtered spirits in endless abyss

Burned temples with christian lies

Murdered wise men crushed humanity

Cursed mankind human dies.

Dancing shadows

Rotten hands

Broken nails

Unbroken chains

Moonlight spell.

Demon Dwell

Life Fails War Reigns

Jail Sealed Bloody Field

Lifeless Bodies Brainless Worries

Mothers Weeps Babies Bleed

Endless Screaming.

Listen To The Cries Of Terra

Rule In A World Of Wars

Watch The Death Of Our Era

Worship The Serpent's Nekrowhores.

He Spreading Toxic Death

He Is The Ruler Of Your Min.

Feel Redemption Hard Perfection

Desperation Incantation

World Destruction Men Corruption

Execution Night Illusion.

Serpent's Nekrowhores

Fuck With No Remorse.

They Are Truly Mean

Blessed By Satan's Sin

Serpent's Nekrowhores

Flying Toward The Cross

They Are Truly Mean

Blessed By Satan's Sin...

4. Vomiting Your Inner Self
The night of eternal darkness

Searching for light is useless

Helping the weak is hopeless

Trying to run is mindless.

Vomiting your inner self

Locking your hearts desires

Waiting your time of death

Throwing your life in fires.

Circling the thoughts in your mind

Following the paths with fate blind

Waiting the nights of your darkness

Living the way of your masters.

Vomiting your inner self

Listen to the midnight bell

Suffering your life's end

It's your black and smelly death...

5. Christian Toxik Death

In the fortress of hate

Wait the masters of rape

Obey your fucking ministers

Pay for their fossil lives.

There is no hope

For believers like you

There is no meaning

In the life's that you choose.

Scream like virgins

Worship toxic gods

Fucking christian believers

Die by demons hand.

Christian toxic death

Gods on human hell

Cast awaken spell

Crash christian heads...

6. Angel Slayers From Above

Rulers of bottomless pit

Twisted priests

Protectors of sins

Diabolical archangels.

Evil Slayers from Above.

Blasphemous honour

Sacrilegious contempt

Agnostic violation

Heretical praise.

Waken from death

Raped by earth

Breathing the cold winds

Hearing the furious waves.

Ungodly heresy

Unholy beliefs

Atheist mockery

Wicked oath

Dishonour devastation.

Marching footsteps

War never ends

Oceans are calling

Spirits are crawling.

In darkest dreams

When mountains roar

With fever realms

Take down the road

Follow the rippers from Above...

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